About Us

Shanghai Beyond Case, branch office (Beyond Case) was founded in 2005, dedicated on design and manufacture HIGH-END custom EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) cases. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned great reputations world widely, is a leading manufacturer of professional EVA carrying solutions.

The semi-rigid custom EVA molded cases have been used for various applications such as sensitive instruments, sales kits, medical equipment, consumer electronics etc. Our key products covers EVA headphone cases, EVA earphone cases, EVA laptop cases, EVA Tool Cases, EVA Carrying cases, EVA Zipper cases, EVA Medical cases etc.  From design to production, we deliver a high-level branded, innovative, value added soft molded cases to compliment your products. The exterior could be molded to any shape and any size. Interiors can be molded to the exact dimensions of devices or die-cut foam can be added for extra protection. Many options to add your logo or brand, such as silk printing, rubber patch, handle, zipper puller, hangtags, metal tags etc. A unique high quality custom EVA packaging case could bring much additional values and leaves great impressions to customers.

Quality and service are heart of everything we do. The factory management has been improved and systematized since the company passed authentication of ISO9001:2008 in 2014. All products could meet the international environmental standard requirements, can pass the relevant quality test such as REACH, ROHS, Halogen, CP65, MSDS, PFOS, PFOA, and POPS according to the customer requirement.

Our factory has a total staff of over 130, includes 10 person team of R&D team, Factory covers an area of more than 4500 m2, and owns four workshops of Laminating, Molding and sewing. Our work is guided by four core values:

Quality-We prides ourselves on a 100% satisfaction rating from our clients. Our impeccable quality control standards are a major contributor to our reputation as an industry leader in custom case design and production.

Design-By focusing designs on the needs of our customers, we are able to deliver best EVA Cases to customers’ needs.

Innovation –Based on innovation and creativity, our unique development process enables us to create solutions that offer tangible added value to our customers.

Reliability – We believe in a long-term relationship and partnership with our customers, our dedication to quality custom EVA cases is one of the reasons why we enjoy such a high client retention rate.

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