Custom EVA cases

image.pngIf you have delicate equipment or sensitive instruments that need protection, a thermoformed EVA case is an ideal solution. Due to it’s durability and rigidity, EVA cases offer a perfect alternative to hard plastic cases, without sacrificing it’s protective properties. Our proprietary lamination process creates better adhesion of cover material to the formed foam. This increases durability and enables us to offer more case design options.

Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate is an incredible copolymer that serves multiple application purposes. Most commonly known for it’s use in shoe wear, EVA material is often referred to as foam rubber. Our thermoforming process allows us to utilize this material to create “hard shell” cases that are soft to the touch, and won’t crack like plastics. 

  • How do I choose the right size case?

 A good way to estimate the size of the case you'll need is to arrange all the items you will be putting in your case in a rectangle on a table. Measure the length and width to get those dimensions, then measure the tallest item from bottom to top. Add an extra two inches to all of your measurements to account for proper padding, and you'll have your length, width and depth measurements! From there, you can browse our complete products-sorted catalog to find the perfect case.

  • How do I get started?


Whether you're looking to purchase a new case complete with custom-designed foam, in need of custom-designed foam only for a case you already have, or custom designing a piece of foam with your own exacting dimensions, your first step is to CLICK HERE to START YOUR PROJECT.


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  • Which type of foam should I choose for my case?

     Choosing the  foam for each application is easy! Visit our page to learn everything you wanted to know about foam, including which one is best for you.




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